Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Giuliana & Bill, Aireen dan IVF :)

U know what, i feel so relate whenever i watch Giuliana Rancic & Bill Rancic on their journey of having baby...and it makes me cry too...they've gone through a lot...i mean if compare to mine...they're worst but they never gave up...i love their spirit and motivation. 

They have done 3 times of IVF and they failed... finally they proceed with surrogate pregnancy (I don't think its legal here in Malaysia) and yes they did it and the mother is going to pop up very soon....I'm happy for them... truly am :)

Back on 2010, I've done the IVF at HUKM and yes i was pregnant but for only 8 weeks :( sad...of course...There are lot of stages that i've done and each stage makes me feel nervous....why? because if you fail in any of the stage, you have to start the whole thing all over again and of course it will affect your budget. 

Anyway even i miscarried at weeks 8, i feel very grateful as i have the experienced with IVF and yes it is the most beautiful memories that i have so far....kudos Aireen :)

So, the idea of having another shot of IVF has come to my mind and actually we have decided to do it again somewhere around September (nak lepaskan hari raya) but i dont know....i feel like 2012 will bring us luck and i can feel the vibes.....

I dont know what it is...but i just feel that this is the year for us..insyallah ada rezeki lebih dengan buat business ni, it will happen this coming September

Lepas tu, dari dulu orang suruh Aireen pakai Premium Beautiful tapi Aireen ignore buta2 macam tu je....but i dont know...i'm a super skeptical person and dengan kuasa Dia...dibuka pintu hati ni untuk nak pakai Premium Beautiful. Banyak jugak testimoni yang cuba nak conceive and dengan izin tuhan jugak they get pregnant. Itu kisah Premium Beautiful.

And semalam  pulak ada akak bank yang selalu datang office Aireen, cakap dia ada belikan buah zuriat masa dia buat umrah (memang Aireen ada pesan..tapi i just said it once...hrm and dia ingat nak belikan...ye la orang kalau p sana, mana la nak ingat barang2 yang orang kirim ni...nak2 kalau kita ni bukan anak or saudara mara dia) 

So dengan semua hint2 yang ada ni Aireen rasa ntah...Aireen rasa positive and my motivation level are now over the top (tapi tak elok orang kata kalau kita terlalu mengharap sbb takut kalau2 tak dapat nanti frust menongeng) tak apa la apa pon kata orang but for me....If you set you mind to be positive, surely it can be achieve....insyallah dengan izin Tuhan...Amin :) I'm hoping that the power of mind and of course with doa help me to produce a good result. Kawan2 doakan saya ye *wink*


nadia said...

insyaALLAh . ALLAH always keep the best for us . mane taw klua2 tup2 twin ! YIPPPIE ~ comel summore like mummy . :)

nadia said...
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Aireen Osman said...

amin...thanks nadia :)

Amy said...

Tak tau pun aireen dah pernah buat ivf. If ada rezeki lebih cuba2 consult doc about icsi..lagi advance dari ivf sbb takyah berenang atas piring, dia terus cucuk telur ke sperm. A friend of mine sama 9 years kahwin dah pregnant 4 months now. Ambik unpaid 6 months sbb nak cuba icsi tu alhamdulillah menjadi. Kak amy doakan. Kak amy pun kena kumpul duit ni.

Aireen Osman said...

kak, banyak lagi cerita yg nak di ceritakan tapi tak tertaip rasanya....phewwww itu pasal bila tengok giuliana and bill tu kita pon join nanges heeeee

Aireen Osman said...

kak, banyak lagi cerita yg nak di ceritakan tapi tak tertaip rasanya....phewwww itu pasal bila tengok giuliana and bill tu kita pon join nanges heeeee