Monday, November 26, 2012

Gorgeous, Glitz and GLAM y'all!!

Last Saturday was a Majlis Ulang Tahun Hai-O ke 20 kat stadium tertutup shah alam and I never attend event yang buat besar-besaran mcm ni....Memang dah macam attend Grammy Awards ;)

Semua CDM and DDM Green Leaders Group glamour tahap tujuh petala langit and they wore designer dress...fainttttt and ai STRASTRUCK dengan mereka semua.....

Tapi paling sawan adalah dengan Hanis Haizi, Ain Ismail and Diyana Marissa.......

Ok korang pon sure excited nak tengok gambar2 diorang kan....lets check it out

Green Leaders Group Rawk the stadium y'all - Pic credit to Hanis Haizi 

Starstruck pertama adalah Diyana Marissa

Starsruck yang kedua - Ain Ismail

My biggest starstruck goes to Hanis Radzuan Radziwill and it is 20K!!!

Macam Siti Nurhaliza kan ;)

Curvilicious me...thanx Premium Beautiful!!

Most awaited performance by Shila Amzah

Semuanya cantik- cantik! Itu baru sikit, ada ramai lagi celebrity Green Leaders Group yang well dressed up....All i can say, with Green Leaders Group you'll seriously love fashion to death (tipu kalau tak suka tau), you'll easily multiply your income with online business and definitely you'll becoming one of the Gorgeous, Glitz and GLAM of ALL!! 

Wanna be Gorgeous, Glitz and GLAM like us? Call me and i'll show you how ;)

Yours Truly,
Aireen Osman

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